Risk Management Software

Our Risk Management software like our PPA (Procedure and Process Automation) can either be incorporated into most software or work stand-alone. We call it our “Any-Ware” approach.

Be able to track areas, sites or location’s safety performance live via mobile inspections and audits.

The software automatically creates “hotspots” and trends for you to actions and deploy interventions against at a moments notice. Assigning these work flows to the responsible persons has never been easier whist still enabling an organisation to intervene when it is exposed to Risk and Hazards it was previously unknowingly exposed to.

View generated areas of concern, populated via the inspections and deviations loaded by the onsite employees or contractors, allowing the organisation to review risk and develop mitigation measures

View Safety performance of Areas, Sites or Locations at the click of a button, no more tedious calculations and request for stats from site.

Also view audit results and trend audit actions and close outs.

View Inspections due, results and actions live with a built in workflow generation to ensure once a non conformity has been loaded it will always be attended to.

Also notify users of upcoming inspections audits or actions stemming out of the aforementioned.

View your data and reports at any time and anywhere with our mobile platform.
Submit reports, audits and inspections from anywhere in the world and live track the locations of reports to ensure integrity with Geo tagging .
Manage your teams actions assignments and notifications all from the palm of your hand whist you travel.
Manage risk instantly and pro-actively whist minimizing the possibility of occurance