PPA! Yes it’s a thing!

Our Procedure and Process Automation software can bolt on or in to your current software, website or intranet. modernizing and automating previously tedious workflows, reducing paper wastage and mundane administrations. also freeing up employees to do what they are employed for not to prove their employment.

Current work environments require employees to justify a single process by completing mountains of paper work. Most of the time employers or organisations put their minds at ease referring to these exercises as traceable or auditable

Our PPA Software Bolts on to almost all existing software or can be used as a stand alone concept if you don’t have existing software.
It will take you existing Processes, Procedures and workflows and automate them.
Reducing Time and effort spent on previously mundane tasks and freeing up employees to do what they have been employed for.

By digitizing your existing processes and procedures, with our team of experts,
1. You can control your workflows.
2. Insert hold points for actions.
3. Ensure documentation is completed at the right time and in time.
4. Have all documentations and forms digitally available
5. Draw your custom reports as and when is need
6. Free yourself and organisation from the burden of paper, searching for paper and losing paper