Online Learning Platforms

Our online learning platforms cater for an array of solutions. from pay per seat to out right purchase solutions that becomes your property from the onset.

AUTHOR Templates based online authoring & rapid learning.
SCORM Import third party content Articulate, Captivate…& certify reporting.
ADMIN Manage users, cources, groups. & handle multisite deployment
SOCIAL Have students learn from each other. & organise videoconferenc
MINDMAPS Build visual learning without graphical expertise & import mindmaps
DOCUMENTS Word, PDF, Powerpoint, Flash & Virtual library
SCENARIOS Structure learning by chapters, weeks or activities & build case studies
QUIZZES 29 templates of online learning activities & Medical imaging delineation
PODCASTS Publish images, audio and video for mobile learning & record your voice online

REPORTING Track time, progress and score. & print certificates.
View and generate reports via the online reporting tool:
Student performance
Tutor activity
Student Activity
Areas of performance
Plagiarism reporting
Class attendance and activity

Use the planners to schedule upcoming activity and online classes and testing, also use it to assign tasks and work pieces for the users

The Media Library supports most forms of documentation adn media. Allowing you to create an interactive learning experience for the users

Monitor User at all levels to see what they are up to and how successful your material is coming across

Allow users to enroll via the portal and have User and learners from across the world!


Paid per seat Outright purchase Development program
1. Only pay per seat
2. Fluctuation in cost
3. Digitization of material is an additional cost
4. Quick and Easy deployment
1. Own the system
2. No monthly fees
3. Some material is digitalised by us for you
4. Internal Staff are trained to maintain the system
5. Additional support packages are available
6. choose your deployment environment
1. Own the system
2. No monthly fees
3. All material is digitalised by us for you
4. Internal Staff are trained to maintain the system
5. No support packages needed
6. Choose your deployment environment
7. 24/7 support included
8. Fastest deployment.

Learn anywhere, anytime and on most smart devices

Our plat forms support low connectivity frequencies and most smart devices, laptops, IOS and Android.

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